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The King of Dinosaurs

Rebuilding an icon: A new Lucy

Museum artisans and paleoartist John Gurche present a new vision of Lucy
In September 2013, the Museum's newly renovated Human Origins Gallery opened with a striking centerpiece, two brand-new versions of Lucy—skeletal and lifelike—postitioned back-to-back. Posed in a striding position, they will be arranged back to back. Museum artisans sculpted skeletal elements, cast 102 pieces in resin and painstakingly assembled the mount of the famous partial skeleton. The articulated mount reflects current knowledge of the individual's anatomy based on new fossil evidence. It features a newly sculpted and reshaped rib cage handcrafted from foam and a spine that more accurately represents the curvature of the lower back.

Sharing the spotlight with the new Lucy skeletal mount will be a strikingly lifelike sculpture created by internationally renowned paleoartist John Gurche. This fully "fleshed-out" model details the muscular build and facial features of the upright walking Lucy. The award-winning artist sculpted the work in clay from the Museum's skeleton cast, then molded and cast the piece in silicone. It was then painted and implanted with natural-looking eyes and hair.