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The King of Dinosaurs

Adult Classes & Field Trips

These are no ordinary walks in the park! Museum field trips are scientific adventures off the beaten path. Join our naturalists for the chance to get close to nature, learn new things and explore natural wonders in Northeast Ohio. Most Museum hikes and trips earn credit hours towards a Naturalist Certificate.

Naturalist Certificate Key

B&C: Biology & Conservation ES&A: Earth Science & Astronomy H: Health
E&P: Earth & Its Peoples S: Sustainability ED: Natural History Education

Use the following rating system to gauge the physical activity level on our field outings:
1 boot - Easy: Well-established trails.
2 boots - Moderate: Mostly level with some wet areas and off-trail walking.
3 boots - Moderately Difficult: No trails, some slopes and wet spots.
4 boots - Strenuous: Steep slopes and/or unavoidable wet spots.

Registration closes at 3pm the business day prior to the program

Wade Into Wetlands

6/21/2016-6/23/2016 at 9:00 AM
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