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The King of Dinosaurs

Groundhog Fun-day!

Eddie the Groundhog painted his first masterpiece of 2013 earlier this week!

January 18, 2013
Michelle Leighty
Perkins Wildlife Center Co-Manager

Painting is a good enrichment activity for our animals and also produces unique animal artwork humans can enjoy. Eddie paints by walking through non-toxic paint and then onto a blank canvas. He is rewarded throughout the process with tasty banana chips, his favorite treat.

His artwork will be raffled at our Groundhog Fun-day event on Saturday, February 2nd. Eddie will make two appearances in the museum's auditorium as well. This Groundhog Day festival will also feature crafts, activities, and live animal programs showcasing Ohio hibernators.

More information (including the schedule) can be found here. I look forward to spending Groundhog Day this year with a real live groundhog and hope you will come join in the fun too!

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