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Museum Preserves

List of Museum Natural Areas

This list of Museum preserves is current as of Winter 2014.

Most Museum preserves are not regularly open to the public. If you wish to visit a preserve, contact the Natural Areas Division for permission. Send requests to: Natural Areas Division, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, 1 Wade Oval Drive, Cleveland OH, 44106. You can also call (216) 231-4600, ext. 3505, fax your request to (216) 231-5919 or email Three preserves (Mentor Marsh, North Kingsville Sand Barrens and Scheele Preserve) are open to the public.

Museum nature preserves

Preserve Acreage County
Armstrong Hemlock Swamp 13 Ashtabula
Berger Preserve 23 Ashtabula
Big Swamp 133.5 Huron
Blakeslee/Barrows Preserve 202 Ashtabula
Burkholder Preserve 25 Ashtabula
Cash/Hertrick Preserve 46 Ashtabula
Cathedral Woods 27.8 Ashtabula
Chamberlin Forest 110 Trumbull
Cottonwood Hollow 93.5 Lake
Cox Preserve 62 Medina
Dickenson Easement 138 Ashtabula
Fern Lake Bog 14.5 Geauga
Floyd Preserve 23 Ashtabula
Geneva Swamp 772 Ashtabula
Grand River Terraces 993 Ashtabula
Grimm Fen 76.8 Geauga
Groves Woods 155 Trumbull
Hadlock Preserve 88 Ashtabula
Holden Arboretum (anchor easements) 92 Lake, Geauga
Hubbard Easement 213 Ashtabula
Kelleys Island (eight parcels) 205 Erie
Kickel Easement 120 Ashtabula
Kingsville Swamp 93 Ashtabula
Koellicker Fen 12.6 Geauga
Massasauga Rattlesnake Ranch 193 Trumbull
McCoy Fen (McCoy State Nature Preserve) 208 Ashtabula
Medina Sanctuary 33.5 Medina
Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve 691  Lake
North Kingsville Sand Barrens 174 Ashtabula
Penn Line Fen 142 Ashtabula
Singer Lake Bog 343.9 Summit
Soubusta Sugarbush 59 Geauga
Spokane Swamp 71 Trumbull
Sparks Preserve 310 Trumbull
Stanton Forest 126 Ashtabula
Taber Preserve 20 Geauga
Walden II 58 Lake
Wendtwood Easement 254 Lorain
Woods Garden (Museum campus) 1 Cuyahoga