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The King of Dinosaurs

Green City Blue Lake

The Museum's center for sustainability

The GreenCityBlueLake Institute believes that on rapidly urbanizing planet Earth, the key to sustainability is the development of ecological cities where people can live healthy lives with reduced environmental footprints. 

Institute staff members collaborate with many partners in the community to research the best solutions, convene civic discussions, conduct demonstration projects, and advocate for change. Issues include regional planning, transportation alternatives, water quality, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. As a demonstration of advanced green building, the institute coordinated the Museum’s PNC SmartHome project, the first house in Ohio to meet the rigorous Passive House standard for energy performance. 

The institute also maintains the popular GreenCityBlueLake website the online home of the sustainability community in Northeast Ohio. The website is a service for busy people seeking better ways to live and ways to get involved improving their community. To keep up with the latest news, see the GreenCityBlueLake blog or calendar of events

The Museum is a great place from which to create a vision of sustainability. With its perspective of evolutionary time, the Museum promotes a long-term view. With its research and collections about nature in Northeast Ohio, the Museum is the custodian of ecoregional knowledge. And as a science-based institution, the Museum is the perfect place for convening discussions about what will really work in the future. It's a place to ask the question: Here we are in the 21st century—now what?