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Perkins Wildlife Center

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New Perkins Wildlife Center & Woods Garden

Opening summer 2016

The new Perkins Wildlife Center & Woods Garden will be a vibrant and intimate outdoor extension of the Museum shared with native plants, animals and birds. #Perkins2016 will give visitors the chance to be immersed in nature while remaining in the city and see native Ohio plant species and animals up close.
Through playful exhibitions and new techniques in animal care, animals and people will be able to intermingle with one another. Perkins Wildlife Center will encourage visitors to spend time and observe characteristic animal behavior. There will be multiple opportunities for up-close viewings of animals and birds with interpretive guides that lead them there.
Its new hillside location will create compelling and engaging experiences for wildlife and people. Coyotes, red foxes, bobcats and raccoons will have access to an overhead trailway system on rotating days. Our Museum will be the second “zoo” in the country to use this state-of-the-art approach.
The new design follows the natural topography. Above the ground, visitors will be able to view hundreds of types of birds flying in the Upper Aviary. Below, a pathway will meander through the wetlands and loop around into the new Otter Habitat. Here, visitors can peep their heads into the otter pool for an “underwater” encounter with the otters.

Perkins demonstrates the abundance and resilience of Ohio’s natural wildlife. It also raises awareness of the research conducted by the Museum, tells conservation stories, and nurtures understanding of the consequences of human actions on wild animals.
During construction, each of the animals that call Perkins home will remain on campus at the Museum and be viewable through daily live animal programs. The red foxes, North American river otters and coyote will be temporarily viewable in the Thelma & Kent H. Smith Environmental Courtyard beginning in early September.

Live Animal Programs

Presentations featuring live #CMNHwildlife ambassadors are offered daily! Programs start at 1:30pm on weekdays, and at 1 and 3pm on weekends.

More About Perkins

To see our animals in action and learn from our wildlife resource specialists, check out Creature Feature, an ongoing video series that highlights one species at a time. For even more videos, watch our Wildlife Playlist on YouTube.

Make one of our family members a part of yours. Our Adopt a Wild Child program supports the animals that call the Museum home. Your donation allows for our staff to enrich and care for our animal ambassadors and continue teaching Museum visitors about the species that share the world with us.

Follow the everyday movements of a pair of peregrine falcons from home! FalconCam, situated on the 12th floor of the Terminal Tower in Downtown Cleveland, has been running since the mid 2000’s and has watched hatchlings spread their wings and battles over territory take place. Click here to visit the FalconCam!

Even More

Still have questions about the new Perkins Wildlife Center & Woods Garden? Visit our FAQ page!

Thelma & Kent H. Smith Environmental Courtyard

This courtyard garden is filled with native Ohio plants, including an array of wildflowers, many species of ferns and a variety of native trees. Temporarily transformed into a home for our red foxes, coyotes, and river otters, the courtyard will undergo further and even more exciting changes in Phase II of the Museum’s Centennial transformation project. Take a walk through the courtyard garden and enjoy this oasis in the city!