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The King of Dinosaurs


Studying intra-species variation and overseeing a deep collection emphasizing birds from within the region
Ornithology covers all aspects of bird biology, including migration, physiology, conservation and vocalizations. People enjoy birds at many levels, from backyard bird-watching to conducting standardized surveys by ear in remote wilderness. Birds are familiar to everyone, yet many of the world's approximately 10,000 bird species are poorly known.
The Department of Ornithology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History utilizes molecular research and other methods in studies that focus on intra-species variation.
Its collection of approximately 35,000 research specimens covers more than a century of ornithological exploration around the world, and emphasizes species native to Ohio.
The department was established in 2006 through a generous bequest from William A. and Nancy R. Klamm, whose donation created an endowed chair for the curator and department head.
Opportunities are available to students to learn about ornithology in depth. Undergraduate students interested in a paid summer internship in this discipline are encouraged to investigate the Kirtlandia Research Internship Program.