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Planetarium Programs

The Nathan and Fannye Shafran Planetarium features the Leonard Krieger Visual Effects System: Definiti by Sky-Scan. With enhanced visual effects and high-definition imagery, our updated educational programs offer an interactive, out-of-this-world learning experience.

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  • For information about scheduling a program or planning a visit click here
  • Programs are available Monday through Friday starting at 10am
  • Total planetarium capacity is 87 people, including students, teachers and chaperones
  • All topics include views of the current night sky
  • If time permits, groups of 60 or fewer may also visit the 10½-inch refractor telescope in the wheelchair-accessible Ralph Mueller Observatory
Note: The Museum may combine small groups to reach planetarium capacity and enable classes to avoid minimum class-size fees. Groups that have been combined with others and arrive late will be admitted to the remainder of the program already in progress.

Social Studies Academic Content Standards

Once Upon a Sky | Grades K-1
Learn the stories and folktales behind popular constellations and see how they are viewed differently across the globe.
Indian Star Stories | Grades 3-5
Hear the sky stories of native North Americans and discover the roles they play in native cultures.
Sky Legends of the Ancient World | Grades 6-8
Take a trip back in time to India, China, Egypt, Greece and Rome as we explore their legends in the stars. 

Science Academic Content Standards

Starry, Starry Night | Grades K-2
Look to the sky as we follow the Sun, Moon and stars and uncover their movements in space.
The Solar System | Grades 3-8
Learn amazing facts about all of the planets and other exciting objects in our solar system.
Reasons for the Seasons | Grades 5-8
Trace the cycle of seasons as it occurs in Ohio with additional views of the sky from the poles and the equator.
Target: Moon | Grades 5-12
Focus on the Moon: its origin, ancient battered surface, tidal effects on Earth and why its shape in the sky appears to change.
Stars: From Beginning to End | Grades 5-12
Follow the cycle of a star's life from beginning to end. Discover red giants, white dwarfs and black holes.

Climate Change - Investigating Our Impact | Grades 6-12
Explore the connection between simple scientific principles and changes in temperature and weather that scientists refer to as "global climate change." Learn about the greenhouse effect and human contributions to global warming.
The Universe | Grades 8-12
Beginning with the Big Bang, travel through time and observe the formation of a variety of galaxies, stars and planets.
Is Anybody Out There? | Grades 7-12
Examine the conditions necessary for life to exist. Consider UFOs and the search for extraterrestrial intelligent life throughout the galaxy. 

Evolution | Grades 9-12
Investigate the evolution of life on Earth. Spend the first half of the program in the planetarium viewing Life: A Cosmic Story. Then, discover how life became more complex through evolution, learning which traits enabled each vertebrate group to thrive and evolve over time in Museum galleries.

Call 216-231-8002 for reservations