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Social Studies Distance Learning

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Our Distance Learning Programs address appropriate Ohio Academic Content Standards in science and social studies and National Health Education Standards. Each program can accommodate up to 30 Students and is one hour in length.

Ohio Indians: "Points" Of Interest | Grades 3-5
Ohio Indians Teacher's Guide and Materials
Set your classroom time machine back 12,000 years and discover the mysterious history of Indians in Ohio. Dig into your Museum kit and investigate artifacts from the Paleo-Indians to historic tribes, including the Mound builders of the Woodland tradition. Taught by Science Instructors who work daily in the Museum exhibit halls, this program will bring the history of our country's first inhabitants to life in your classroom.
Please note: A kit of materials will be sent to your school for use during this program. Please allow a two-week lead time when booking and alert your school office about this delivery. You will also receive a return UPS label to return this kit to the Museum after your video conference.

The Human RACE: One Species, Many Opinions | Grades 7-12
The Human RACE Teacher's Guide and Materials
Throughout history, variation within the human species has been a source of community strength and personal identity. It has also been the basis for discrimination and oppression. Today, geneticists and anthropologists are proving that all humans share ancestry in Africa. In the light of these scientific breakthroughs, discuss with our Education team the idea that "[Racism] is not about how you look, it is about how people assign meaning to how you look."  (Robin G.D. Kelley, Historian) Students will be asked to participate in activities and discuss ideas that may challenge how they think about race and human variation.