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Unique Distance Learning Programs

Distance Learning Programs Only Available at Cleveland Museum of Natural History

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Bring the Museum into your classroom! Your students can learn directly from a curator or another expert. Review some of the unique opportunites for education programs that are only available through the Museum

BALTO: A History of Humans, Huskies & Health in Alaska | Grades K-12
Balto Teacher's Guide and Materials
Why is this famous husky from Alaska found at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History? Join our historians for this heroic tale of dogs and mushers in Alaska from the 1925 Serum Run to the Iditarod of today. Discover facts about the disease diphtheria, and why the outbreak in Nome, Alaska is so famous. Experience how humans and huskies survive in harsh Arctic conditions today by trying on authentic Iditarod gear! Uncover the Cleveland connection to Balto and how he has become the "spokesdog" for this unique event in US history.
Please note: A kit of materials will be sent to your school for use during this program. Please allow a two-week lead time when booking and alert your school office about this delivery. You will also receive a return UPS label to return this kit to the Museum after your videoconference.

Experts in Their Fields

Are your students studying standards that have you stumped for substance? Could you cultivate some kicking content with Curatorial Collaboration? Then consider a Videoconference Connection with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and let your class learn from real scientists! This series of 40-minute Q&A sessions with our Collections and Research staff will allow you access to the inside scoop on science today. Check out a list programs here.

2015-2016 JMC® DL Dissection on Demand

"Biology is Boring?" Not anymore! Experience the "wow-factor" of dissection LIVE through Distance Learning. Created through our Junior Medical Camp® summer program, each of these engaging experiences are led by a health expert, encouraging students to learn anatomy and physiology while emphasizing their significance to human health and lifestyle choices. While watching the dissection take place, students are challenged with hands-on activities, are allowed many opportunities for questions, and surprised with pop-quiz action to test their critical thinking skills. Learn more.