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Dissection on Demand

“Biology is Boring?” Not anymore! Experience the “wow-factor” of dissection LIVE through Distance Learning. Each of these engaging experiences are led by a health expert, encouraging students to learn anatomy and physiology while emphasizing their significance to human health and lifestyle choices. While watching the dissection take place, students are challenged with hands-on activities, are given many opportunities for questions, and surprised with pop-quiz action to test their critical thinking skills.

NOTE: Students may also attend these programs as guided dissections, if your school is able to procure the organs and dissection tools necessary. We order many of our specimens from Carolina Biological. Please inform our scheduler if you would like this option when you register for the program.

NOTE: Dissection on Demand is also available as a 1-hour hands-on workshop and via Health on Wheels. Additional materials fee will apply.

Brain | Grades 6-12
Brain Dissection Teacher's Guide
The brain controls everything that our bodies do while interpreting everything that we experience. How does a 3-pound blob of fatty tissue handle all of this action? During this live dissection of a sheep brain, students will learn anatomy of the brain and the functions of their nervous system. Hands-on activities will include trying out doctor’s physical exam skills, illustrating neurophysiology and nervous system health. We'll discuss some examples of brain evolution in different organisms and strategies to help keep your gray matter in top condition.

Heart | Grades 6-12
Heart Dissections Teacher's Guide
The heart keeps the entire body nourished with oxygen and nutrients, but how much do you really know about this vital organ? Heart disease is the number one cause of mortality in the United States! This program will stress the importance of the cardiovascular system, while highlighting ways to keep it healthy. Interactive activities include physical exam skills such as finding your pulse, testing your heart rate, and identifying veins & arteries on your own body. This live dissection of a sheep heart will be an engaging way to review cardiac anatomy, function, and possible diseases.

Mammalian Gross Anatomy | Grades 6-12
Fetal Pig Dissection Teacher's Guide
Observe the dissection of a whole animal often used in forensic and medical science due to its close match with human physiology. A museum expert will quiz students on anatomy and organ function throughout the dissection, and point out interesting traits and features students may notice on their own bodies. Common questions about human health and diseases will be answered about each major organ, and preserved human specimens from Museum collections will be used to compare with pig anatomy.

Avian Anatomy | Grades 6-12
This dissection of a quail highlights the specialized adaptations of birds’ external and pulmonary anatomy for flight. We recommend this lab for students with previous dissection experience as the quail are unpreserved fresh specimens.