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The King of Dinosaurs

At the Museum

Museum instructed programs
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Gallery Programs are conducted primarily in the Museum's galleries with demonstration materials, opportunities for critical observation of real objects and interaction with the Museum instructor.

Hands-on Workshops are conducted primarily in a Museum classroom, with visits to exhibit areas as appropriate. Students will be engaged in observation, manipulation and problem-solving.

Museum Instructed Programs are taught by science and health specialists.

Early Childhood Education Programs
Shafran Planetarium Programs
Live Animal Programs
Self Guided Visits
Smead Discovery Center
Earth Science Programs

See also: Planetarium Programs
• Rocks and the Making of Soils 
• Earth's Changing Surface 
• Ohio's Geography 
• Volcanoes and Earthquakes 
• Plate Tectonics: Our Dynamic Planet 
• Rocks and Minerals 
• The World of Rocks
• Climate Change - Investigating Our Impact

Life Sciences

See also: Live Animal Programs
• Animals and Their Senses
• Who's Home in Ohio Habitats
• Insect Exploration
• The Secret Lives of Dinosaurs
• Plants and Animals
• Fossils: Clues to the Past
• The World of Fossils
• Ecosystems
• Cell Science
• Prehistoric People
• Evolution

Social Studies

See also: Planetarium Programs
• American Indians
• Exploring the World's Cultures
• Ohio Indians
• Indians of Ohio
• Archaeology: Dig It!Math, Natural Science Focus Academic Content Standards
• Measuring Our World 

Health Education

• The Human Show
• What's NOT in a Cigarette?
• Thinking Before Drinking
• Steps to a Healthy Me: Wash, Eat, Play
• Your Five Fabulous Senses
• What's Inside Stuffee?
• Chew on This: Learn the Drill on Dental Science
• Just Senseless
• Hidden Kingdoms
• You Are What You Eat
• Bodyworks
• Cells: A Really Close Look at How Life Works
• Body Blueprints
• Wonder of New Life: The Making of a Human
• Girls 2 Women
• Locker Room
• Caught in the Web
• Drugs 301
• Genetic Revolution
• Disease Detectives
• Macronutrients, Fad Diets and Energy Drinks
• Stress Down
• Growing Up and Liking It
• Parent Program for "Growing Up and Liking It"

Hands-on Workshops

• Hidden Kingdoms + Big Germ Hunt
• Bodyworks + Heart Dissection
• Disease Detectives + Gram Stain
• Body Blueprints + DNA Extraction