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The King of Dinosaurs

Earth and Space Science

Earth and Space Science

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Rocks and the Making of Soils – for grades 3 & 4 (program length: 90 minutes)
Dig into the properties of rocks. Observe how they are broken down through the actions of plants and weather to form soil, and learn the properties and characteristics of soils found in different places.
Gallery Program
Earth's Changing Surface – for grades 3-6 (program length: 90 minutes)
Learn how erosion, weathering, and deposition are slow processes that change the Earth's surface. In contrast, volcanic activity, earthquakes and landslides are rapid processes that also leave distinct changes on Earth surfaces.
Gallery Program
Ohio's Geography – for grades 4-7 (program length: 90 minutes)
Ohio has been shaped and resurfaced by glaciers, rivers, lakes, coal mining and more. Discover Ohio's major physical features, mineral and biological resources and ancient history that shaped what we see today.
Gallery Program
Volcanoes and Earthquakes – for grades 4-7 (program length: 90 minutes; limit: 30 students)
Volcanoes and earthquakes are violent events that originate far below the Earth's surface. We'll explore the impact their dynamic activities have on the rock cycle.
Gallery Program
Plate Tectonics: Our Dynamic Planet – for grades 5-9 (program length: 90 minutes; limit 30 students)
Explore the internal structure of the Earth, its internal heat budget, and how this relates to the rock cycle and plate motions that create the planet's major geographic features.
Gallery Program
Rocks and Minerals – for grades 3-7  (program length: 90 minutes)
Uncover information about minerals: identification, functionality and the rocks they form. Learn about the rock cycle and how rocks are created.
Gallery Program

The World of Rocks - for grades 3-6 (program lenth: 2 hours)
Investigate the formation and characteristics of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Using a dichotomous key, we will identify some common rocks as well as some rocks found in Ohio.
Hands-on Workshop

Climate Change - Investigating Our Impact – for grades 6-12 (program length: 1 hour) (also available via Distance Learning There's no debate during this program! Warm up your minds as we challenge students to explore the connection between simple scientific principles and changes in temperature and weather that scientists refer to as "global climate change." Students will learn about the greenhouse effect, reflection and refraction of light, energy waves, and heat convection and perform experiments that clearly show how changes in our climate are studied.
Gallery Program

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