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The King of Dinosaurs

Hands-On Workshops

Health Education Hands-On Workshops

For reservations call (216) 231-8002.

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• Add a 40-minute life-science lab lesson to your program and extend your students’ learning.
• $8 per student at the Museum, $130 for Health on Wheels
• Not available for Distance Learning

Hidden Kingdoms + Big Germ Hunt
Students will scour the premises for bacteria and grow their findings on prepared culture plates.

Bodyworks + Heart Dissection
Perform a thorough, guided dissection of preserved sheep hearts. Students will practice safe use of professional dissection tools and compare animal to human cardiac anatomy. 

Disease Detectives + Gram Stain
Students will analyze prepared bacteria specimens using the Gram stain procedure and view results through a microscope. 
Note for Health On Wheels: If your school has microscopes available for use, please tell our scheduler when booking your program.

Body Blueprints + DNA Extraction
Students will extract DNA from the cells of fruit. They may keep their extracted DNA

For reservations call (216) 231-8002.