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The King of Dinosaurs

Live Animal Programs

Live animal programs are available Monday through Friday starting at 10am.

NOTE: We may combine small groups to facilitate scheduling and enable classes to avoid minimum class fees. Groups that have been combined with others and arrive late will be admitted to the remainder of the program already in progress.
Ohio's Neighborhood Wildlife | Grades K-2 (program length: 60 minutes)
Meet some of the animals that are native to Northeast Ohio and find out why this area provides the habitat they need.
Ohio's Native Wildlife | Grades 3-8 (program length: 90 minutes; also available via Distance Learning as a 50 minute program)
Explore the variety of native animals of Northeast Ohio, their habitats and their roles in different ecosystems.
Animal Classification | Grades 3-8 (program length: 90 minutes)
Uncover what it means to be a vertebrate animal. Students will compare and contrast the basic characteristics of vertebrates, and how and why they are classified the way they are.
Ohio Birds of Prey | Grades 4-8 (program length: 90 minutes)
Get a close look at the predators of Ohio's skies as we discuss their importance in the food chain and the effects they have on varying ecosystems.