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Social Studies

Social Studies

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American Indians – for grades K-2 (program length: 60 minutes)
Learn about North American Indian groups by studying their lifestyles, customs and artistic traditions. Compare and contrast how they filled their basic needs in various environments and how environments influenced their lifestyles.
Gallery Program

American Indians – for grades 3-5 (program length: 90 minutes)
Compare cultural practices and lifestyles of a variety of Native American groups, including food, clothing, shelter and artistic expression. Determine how the environment influenced their lifestyles.
Gallery Program
Exploring the World's Cultures – for grades 3-7 (program length: 90 minutes)
Study the effects that the natural environment has on a variety of world cultures, concentrating on the traditional lifestyles and the products that are created by different cultures.
Gallery Program
Ohio Indians – for grades 3-5 (program length: 90 minutes) (also available via Distance Learning as a 40 minute program.)
Examine the 12,000-year history of Indians in Ohio using evidence from the Paleo-Indians through the mound building of the Woodland tradition to the historic tribes.
Gallery Program
Ohio Indians Plus! – for grades 3 & 5 (program length: 2 hours)
All of the content of our "Ohio Indians" program, but with an in-depth look at artifacts! Analyze groups of artifacts to identify and describe the various lifestyles of prehistoric cultures in Ohio. This program covers the earliest Paleo-Indian groups through the Moundbuilders to the time of European contact.
Hands-on Workshop
Archaeology: Dig It! – for grades 3-6 (program length: 2 hours; limit 30 students) 
Mid-September through mid-November and April through May
Excavate a simulated archaeology site on Museum grounds after a classroom orientation on proper archaeological methods. Students will learn how to interpret a site based on the artifacts they uncover. Suitable outdoor clothing is essential. Teachers and accompanying adults must assist at the site. Instructions will be mailed with confirmation.
Hands-on Workshop

Call for reservations: (216) 231-8002.