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The King of Dinosaurs

Early Childhood Education Programs

Educational programming for early childhood
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Choose from our specially designed educational programs for early childhood education students. Children can visit nature in the Museum galleries, touch real specimens in a classroom, enjoy age-appropriate activities, make and take home a craft and more.

To reserve a program for a maximum of 20 students, call (216) 231-8002

Visit the Scheduling a School Program page to plan your visit.


New! Shafran Planetarium Show
When the lights go down, the "stars" will shine within our planetarium. Learn about the night sky and enjoy Big Bird's celestial adventure One World, One Sky.

Meet Our Dinosaurs
See dinosaur skeletons in our Museum up close and personal. Discover how and when they lived and why these magnificent creatures became extinct.

Backyard Birds
Find out about the feathered friends living in our Ohio backyards. Touch their feathers and hear their songs.

Space Explorations
Discover the Solar System and how people have explored space. See a rock that came all the way from the Moon!

Wild Ohio Animals
Investigate untamed animals that are found in Ohio. See their fur, teeth and bones and learn how they use these to survive.

Deep Sea Life
Explore the many wonderful and mysterious creatures living in the oceans.

Butterflies and Moths (April and May only)
Examine both living and mounted insects while learning about their unique life cycles.

Is It Alive?
Identify the six characteristics of living things. Learn to respect all living things, no matter how small, scaly, or multilegged they may be.

National Health Education Standards

We offer a variety of programs that address National Health Education Standards.
Health Education: Early Childhood Education Programs
• 50-minute, hands-on program
• Up to 20 students per class

Steps to a Healthy Me: Wash, Eat, Play
Steps to a Healthy Me: Wash, Eat, Play Teacher's Guide and Materials
Jump into nutrition, hygiene and exercise to uncover the important roles they play in a healthy lifestyle. Take the "Good Food, Bad Food" test. Demonstrate how much exercise is needed to use up the energy in junk food. Finally, rest on the floor and feel the importance of taking time to be quiet and relax. (That last part is often the teacher's favorite.)

Your Five Fabulous Senses
Your Five Fabulous Ssenses Teacher's Guide and Materials
Explore your senses and the different ways they work to keep you safe.

What's Inside Stuffee?
Whats' Inside Stuffee Teacher's Guide and Materials
Learn all about the inside of your body by teaking a peek inside our giant anatomical friend, Stuffee.

Dental Science Drill: Chew on This!
Chew on This Teacher's Guide and Materials
Compare the teeth of various animals to humans and investigate the basics of dental health with real Museum Specimens.