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The King of Dinosaurs

Exhibits & Activities

What you'll see in Smead Discovery Center

Hands-on activities

Come explore and discover together. Engaging for both adults and children. Touch and interact with the exhibits. Check our online calendar to see what might be happening in the Discovery Center on the day you plan to visit!

Fossil dig

Be a paleontologist! Dig and uncover dinosaur bones, footprints and other fascinating fossils. Identify and learn about the fossils you find.

Touch wall

Awesome artifacts from the different collections throughout the Museum are all here....and you can touch them! Run your fingers through cheetah fur. Feel a real alligator head. Touch real feathers, skulls, teeth, rocks, minerals and more.

Live animals

Cool, creepy, weird and wonderful! Have you ever seen a live tarantula? Have you ever touched a hissing cockroach? We have a variety of live amphibians, reptiles, insects and arachnids.

Kid-friendly microscopes

Try out our microscopes and discover the natural world up close. You won't believe your eyes!

Birdsong piano

Play a hooting, tweeting piano. Listen to and view 36 Ohio bird species as you press each key on the piano.

Discovery Market

Discover healthy food! Scan food items just like in a real store and learn about healthy eating. Choose fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods in order to “win.” Learn about the vitamins and nutrients in each food as you scan.

World map

Explore a world of fun with our 13 foot long map of the world! This is a fun challenge for geography lovers and a great activity for adults and children to do together. Learn about places, animals and other natural history topics around the world. This exhibit is always changing, so come see what’s new.

Discovery Boxes

Which one will you choose? Learn about shells, butterflies, magnets, insects and more with our hands-on Discovery Boxes.  They’re full of fun activities for your family to enjoy in the Discovery Center.